Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Swansons in NWA

The End of April, Mike Shelby and Sloane came down to stay with us while Mike and Shelby interviewed for some possible jobs.  It was fun to get to host them while the prepped and interviewed.  

I'll never forget riding in the van on the way to deliver Thank you cards after their interviews when Mike got his call.  He got the job! He was driving and he quickly pulled into Caseys to talk where he could concentrate.  Shelby and I were trying our best to keep the kiddos quiet.  It was such a great memory!

 Playing in the sand

 cousins :)
 hiking up at JBU

 Rome was to start Iddy Biddy Soccer the saturday they were here.  It ended up getting canceled because of the weather- BUT since we had talked about it with Roman, we decided to do our own little soccer game :)

 Eating at Sams after we got the news of Mikes job

 Shelby got Gray to sleep- another plus for them moving to NWA :)

We went to the dogwood festival on the rainy saturday.  It was fun to get to go with them 

A few days after they returned back to NE, Shelby go the call that SHE got her job too! They're moving to NWA!!

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