Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4 and 5 months old

4 and 5 months:
Gray is growing so fast! he is a little chubster :)
It's crazy how he's changed between months 4 and 5- just look at the picture!


We started baby food at month 5- he was nursing and just still crying when we were done.  It made me feel like he was still hungry so when we went to our monthly check up, I talked to the dr and he said he was pro starting baby food. So we bought some baby food after the check up.  He LOVED it.  It seemed so early to be starting him but it helped us so much! he was so much more content! at the end of month 5 we added sweet potato- peas- and apple sauce- he loves it all :)

Ty was in boston for part of April- we bought some fun toys to play with and show daddy:

They LOVE each other :)

Gray spitting

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