Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye Weekend

Within the last couple weeks, we've had some changes.  A big one that changes a lot for us is that Tyler's dad, Kerwin, has left his job in Siloam for an athletic director job over in Lexington KY (where Lois is from).  We are so excited for him and this great opportunity but we are still a bit sad for how it changes things here.  

Kerwin and Lois had been traveling for 3+ weeks and upon return had just over a week to pack and move back to Lexington.  We were fortunate to pull together a quick family outing to celebrate and say goodbye.  

We went to Crystal Bridges over in Bentonville followed by bowling and dinner at Fast Lanes.


Roman LOVES "driving." He was stoked to get to drive in the arcade.

 He was also pretty excited to bowl- this was his first time and he was so good about waiting for his turn and believe it or not it KEPT his interest all 10 rounds!

 He thought it was going to be a loud BANG at first.  So cute!

 We ordered the HUGE pizza for our family.  Roman ate two pieces! Who is this kid!?

He had such a blast! It was fun to see him enjoy this- he's growing up SO fast!

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