Sunday, May 27, 2012

13 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 13 weeks
Size of baby:  almost 3 inches long
Total Weight Gain: +6 lbs from pre pregnancy
Maternity Clothes: starting to pull them out.  Everything pre pregnancy is getting tight.  All my skinny jeans are super uncomfortable. I put on pair of maternity jeans and they were SO comfortable! I just went today to forever 21 to stock up on some new summer shorts and shirts- hooray for cheap and stretchy!
Cravings: popcorn. natural simply salted.  YUM
Gender: don't know yet.  Ultrasound to tell on June 12. We're kind of thinking girl because the pregnancy seems to be different.  BUT we'll be super happy with either!
Movement: I thought i've felt baby a few times around night time.  But I didn't feel Rome this early so i'll wait and see.
How's momma: doing good! During the first 12 weeks we had some potassium drama.  at my 8 week appointment we found out that i was low.  2.7 (normal is 3.5-5.5). I wasn't feeling good and had lost 8 lbs from my initial pre preg weight.  Dr. Hill started me on potassium supplements and at this last appointment (12 weeks) I found it it was up to 3.7!!
Best Moment this week: Getting to see our sweet baby via ultrasound again.  The movement blew me away.  The detail of the tiny formed bones, legs, arms, head.  Such a miraculous GOD we serve!
What I miss: I'm a lot less picky this pregnancy about staying away from all the trendy things with pregnancy.  It seems the "rules" are always changing about what a pregnant woman can or can't have/do.  I think the thing i've missed is advil and my migraine medicine.  Since being home in NE i've had 8 migraines.  They are just miserable.  At this last dr appointment, I got a new med that worked on the most recent migraine I had.  Hopefully I won't have any more- but if I do, I hope this medicine keeps working!
What I am looking forward to: Going to Lexington this week for Kerwin's wedding.  We're gonna make a weekend of it, and i'm looking forward to spending time with our family!
Roman: He is all about the "baybay" when we pray, he thanks Jesus for the baby, he kisses mom, dad, and the baby goodnight, He is so sweet at learning about the baby in my womb.

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