Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today, Rome and I had an easy going morning. We did some laundry, played outside, and just hung out. I decided that for the afternoon we'd go eat lunch and do some shopping.

We ate at Marketplace in the mall. Yummo! our favorite!
Roman the entertainer- he sucked this cup up so it stays on his face and I busted out laughing. He continued to do this the entire meal hoping for laughs :)

Rome ate over half the fries and two chickens without the breading! yea!


riding in the car- (ps the don't have the mall play place anymore- SAD)

Rome got new sippy cups! happy boy!
I got some SUPER cute sparkle jeans- happy mom!
(thanks ty!)

This evening, we went on another long walk, played outside again. Then Rome went to bed at 7:30. EARLY!

We are so eager to have daddy come back tomorrow! I know he misses him almost as much as I do :)


  1. So cute-looks like fun but I am shocked that there is no mall playground anymore-whats the deal with that?

  2. Cute jeans! But WHAT?!!?? No more indoor playground? SAD!