Saturday, September 17, 2011

Husker Harvest Days

During the first few days we were up here in NE, we went to the annual Husker Harvest Days. It was fun to meet Shelby and Sloane and to go through the event. Husker Harvest Days is a 30+ year, 3 day, show of over 600 exhibitors. They are mainly all about farming (equipment, supplies, etc) They are known for the fun freebies (hats, pens, etc).

When Shelby and I were little, Dad drug us along to this. About 7th grade, we quit going so we didn't have to miss school. This year, it happened to be while I was home. It was fun to visit the extravaganza and spend it with our babies :)

Sloane had a blow out- we changed her in the grass...
20 min later, Rome did the same thing!! ha!

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