Friday, August 19, 2011

6 years ago... part 2

fast forward about a month...
I had just returned to JBU from fall break. The week before I came home was rough. I was SO homesick. During that short fall break weekend. My parents and I talked and decided to try JBU till Thanksgiving (just 6 or 7 weeks away) and if it's still just as bad- I could come home. I remember praying by our fireplace in my parents living room that God would reveal why I was at JBU quickly- That next Monday- I met my good friend Eva. She met that close friend need that I was longing for. We went shopping a few days that week which just made school FUN. We spent most of our free time together and that Friday night we went to the Siloam Springs High School football game. ( I think it was the last week in September or first week in October)

It was the first time I had come to a football game- it happened to be homecoming. The home side was PACKED and we were trying to figure out where to sit- it was then that I saw a friend that I had met a few weeks back- Andy. He was with some other guys that I knew. We all decided to go sit on the guest side of the football field which wasn't so packed. After we had been there a bit. I heard Andy on the phone with a friend- his friend had said he was on his way from bball practice at JBU. A short time later, his "friend" came over and sat with us. It was then that I figured out that this was TYLER! During the game I laughed harder then I had in such a long time. Tyler was so funny and I could tell that all these guys were close. Eva and I had such a good time and I just loved getting to know Tyler more- I could tell he was going to be a good friend.

The next few weeks were fun as Eva became interested in Tyler's friend Adam and as they started a relationship, a relationship with Tyler happened easily. Though a bf/gf relationship didn't happen right away with Tyler, a strong friendship grew.

We were still in the just friendship phase when we were in the guys dorm just hanging out- Tyler had made up a game for the guys to play- baseball with one of those plastic candy canes. I remember thinking Tyler was so hot :)- I felt silly thinking this because we were JUST friends- it's a funny memory to recall thinking back now... here's a couple pics of that night...

Eva and I
Tyler, Me, Eva, Ben, and Ben

Then in the second week of October, Tyler and friends through a grill out night at his parents house in order for me to come (I didn't find this out till after the event had started). Eva, Adam, and I got to Tyler's and I was surprised that to see how many people were there! We had hung out many nights since that night in the dorm- but there was a vast amount of people I hadn't met yet. It was fun and everyone was nice and welcoming. After a couple of hours- we were gonna watch a movie. Eva and Adam told me then that Tyler was interested in me. I was blown away because I was a bit naive (but happy). haha :)

Our friendship grew as did our attraction...


  1. love reading your story! can't wait to hear more! :)

  2. I am loving this!!! :) ready for part 3!