Monday, September 20, 2010


wow- an 18 day absence from blogging! I think that's my longest yet! Thanks for the patience! I have about 10 entries in the makings, so hang tight there's gonna be lots of info!

Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to for the last 3 weeks...
Roman and I were able to go up to NE for a great LONG visit! We went for 10 days! (pics and stories coming soon!)

As for the last 3 weeks, Roman has completely changed as a baby-- he's growing up!

-He's crawling everywhere. I thought life would be easier but when I turn around for just a second he's sped off to another room or getting into something!

- He's crawling to the furniture or walls and standing up! he's getting really good at this- he also forgets he can't walk and he lets go of what he's hanging on to and will take a step and then come crashing down. (at the DR today, our Doc said that he never sees this in boys this young- he said it's common for boys to start standing and walking later on and that normal is usually after 1 year. He said from what he sees in Rome, he says he may be walking by 8 months!! WOW!!)

- He has two teeth on the bottom and his gum's are getting swollen on top!

- He's eating breakfast- cereal and apple juice, every morning

- He's doing two naps- 1 in the am and 1 mid afternoon (completely different then 4-5 just a couple weeks ago!)

- He's in a new car seat and actually puts up with the car now! traveling to and from NE has made him SUCH a good traveler- he doesn't love it but he'll tolerate it! (oh fun story about this carseat- it's 150 at walmart but i found it on target's website for 115 and i showed them in the check out line through my phone and they matched the price!! WOOO HOO!!)

NE entries are coming soon!


  1. Aidan started pulling up on things around 7 months and then taking steps at 8 months. He didn't officially walk until 10 months, but he was always on the go. It is crazy!

  2. Walmart will price match any store ad you bring or have...groceries too!