Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tyler's-at-Grad-school meal of the week 2

So today was a wonderful day! It did not drag on and on like last Thursday did. Don't get me wrong I would have LOVED for Ty to be able to come home earlier but we got a lot done today!

A highlight would be going to Rissa's for the afternoon. We got Roman's 6 month pics taken and we got a little time for visiting. I think that just broke up my day so well! we also went to walmart after so that I could get a couple things for my dinner.

I researched all morning for a yummy recipe to try for tonight. But I knew that at 5 at walmart if i wasn't that hungry I probably wasn't going to get a good hunger up at all-so I decided to go for another salad. (if you don't know me well, I LIVE on salad. I've even made a breakfast salad before with eggs and toast. I know it's weird but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!) So this one was going to be a treat.

I made a blue cheese and grilled pear salad. It was divine!

1/4 pear
10 grapes
1 piece of turkey bacon
1 cup chopped iceberg lettuce
4 thin triscuits
1/2 roma tomato
1 T blue cheese crumbles
the same dressing from last Thursday
I figured it to be right at around 200 calories. (yeah for healthy!)

I grilled the pear and tomato. YUMMMMMMY

I just assembled it together and had warm tomatoes and pears on it. It was so good.
here's pics :)

I also found my new favorite website (it changes often...) i'm thinking something from here for next time!

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  1. It looks good Meags! By the way the pear tree is loaded, Jayd eats at least a couple a day and says they are just getting sweeter! So this salad is perfect!