Saturday, September 25, 2010

first siloam football game

Last night Tyler, Roman and I attended Roman's first panther football game! And boy was it the game to go to! SO exciting! Siloam won against greenwood- first time in 23 years (a man told us that at walmart after the game :)

It was fun watching Ty carry Rome, introducing him to everyone that he knew. Rome was pretty chill. Just watching everything. We got our pop, popcorn, and a hot dog and went to find seats. We sat in the middle of the stands and all of a sudden Rome started crying. It was the cry that he does when he meets someone new. He didn't know what was going on. It occurred to me that this was his first time in a place like this. The stands were packed and the people were loud. All we had to do was let Rome look at us, and we smiled and talked to him. As soon as he realized that it was ok he was fine. And I think he enjoyed it.

The last quarter he started to get tired so we ended up walking the fence, he got in a real great mood then! he could see and talk to people- his little heaven :)

It was fun watching him get excited when we'd stand up and cheer because the panthers made a touch down and it was fun watching him look at the crazy parents who were yelling in anger because of bad call.

It was a good night- a fun memory. It was fun to bring Roman to the place where 5 years ago I met his daddy :)

Rome's face just cracks me up!

my fave pic!

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