Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 months old pics and facts...

Finally we were able to get the 2 month pics taken. He’s grown so much!

Here are some things about my little 2 month old…

1. He’s talking like CRAZY!

2. He’s smiling every free minute he can. Especially when he wakes up.

3. He’s finally going through spans of contentment in his swing or laying on the floor

4. He rolls from side to side really well.

5. He reaches for my hair and face when I lean over him after a diaper change.

6. He LOVES baths still. Especially having a big bathtub! He just lays there smiling

7. His eyes are a lot darker. Defiantly chocolate brown

8. He’s reaching for toys when we put them right in front of him with both hands!

9. He Likes outside… We’ve been putting his swing on the porch and he’ll sit there for 30-45 minutes just looking around.

10. He’s so close to laughing! His smiles are so big!


This next week will be the dreaded start to getting shots L I am SO not ready to see him hurt like that. UGH. I am sure that I will be crying more then him. And then to have him sore the rest of the day and maybe the next? WHY, OH WHY!? I’m sure we’ll survive and I just have to remind myself that this is a good thing to do. It’s out of love that he has to get them.. I’m just not excited!


  1. Shots weren't so bad for us. I always dreaded them at first, but I never had them give Aidan more than 2 at a time and it never bothered him beyond the initial prick. He would always sleep really long on those days, but that was it.

  2. i agree the shots aren't that bad...a few minutes after they had had them they are fine. just let the nurse hold him down and administer the shots and you scoop him up and save him! will be thinking about you! love the pics too!