Wednesday, April 26, 2017

23 weeks

I am officially 23 weeks with this little girl!! She is very calm. Doesn't move near as much as I remember the boys moving. I know I am way more active this pregnancy.  At 21 weeks we had our half way anatomy scan ultrasound. It was fun because we were able to take both boys with us to see her. We find out in a couple days how everything looked but to our eyes she looks great :) It was a fun thing for me to see when they looked at her nose and mouth how much she looked like Roman did in the ultrasound. 

I am feeling really great. I am able to keep up with my exercise more then i thought i would be able to. I've had two strangers comment about me expecting so that means I officially look like a pregnant mama. I love it.  My migraines have been manageable. Last week I had three and it was discouraging, but the medicine I have has helped. I've been researching and I'm wondering if I need to be better about eating more regularly. Pregnancy makes the metabolism sky rocket, and a potential migraine trigger is low blood sugar. I makes sense that not eating regularly may trigger one. It's all a guessing game but i'm trying to do better about it. 

Rome and Gray are having fun with our growing little sister. 

Here she is from our 20 weeks! We got to see her actually kick- the boys called her ninja baby :)

                                                            Here are a few belly pics.

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