Saturday, May 21, 2016

Iddy Biddy Soccer GRAYSON!

It was finally time for GRAY to do Soccer!!!! When we told him that it would be HE that would get to do a sport he was ALL about it. The first two weeks he did well! Thinking back i'm sure it was because daddy came to those. Tyler has been going through a class that took him away the last two saturdays of Diddy biddy. Mommy just doesn't compare to daddy :) Gray did great. He is such a different personality then Rome. Roman is more like me, rule follower, black and white, etc. Gray is laid back, loves to have fun, doesn't care about doing it the "right way". He is good going about it his own way.  This makes him so much fun.  Roman was able to be a coach for gray. Helped him with the soccer.  As 3 year olds do, Gray was quickly distracted from the task at hand. But I could tell from week one to week four he grew in his skill! Both those boys have daddy's natural athleticism.  We had Such a great time with Iddy Biddy!!

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