Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peurto Rico

 Tyler's job takes him to Puerto Rico about every 6 weeks.  We decided that the boys and I needed to go with him! Especially because the boys aren't in school yet.  

Our first trip was in September.

The boys styling their PR haircuts :)

 Getting ready to take off- Long day ahead. 1 hour to Dallas and then 5 to PR
 During the 5 hour trip.  We had a little extra leg room- Since gray wasn't 2 yet, he flew free, but had to be on our "lap." Frozen was the movie that we watched on repeat.  He did great.  Was he quiet? No. Did he sit on our lap. No.  BUT we arrived and made it and its a memory. :)

 This was our family selfie to say "we made it!!"

While we were in PR, we had to go all over the island for Tyler's work.  We got this super fun green jeep for our excursion.  

 The OCEAN!!

 Every morning we woke up about 8, went to breakfast, and then to the beach. We tried to soak up some sun, sand, and swim until around 11 and then we would load up to go explore the island.  Gray was great about napping in the car.


One of my favorite memories was when we told the boys we were going to go swimming at NIGHT! We had them get ready for bed but then surprised them with a "pajama outing" and made them change to swimsuits and out we went.  I think this will be a memory i think of their whole lives. They were so excited to kick the waves.  Just to sit and let the waves rush over them.  


The hotel had a pond area with so many animals- 

 We went to old san juan and got to see El Morro.  Gray slept through most of this, but when he woke he loved to run around this cool fort.
The gras was beautiful.

 Pizza on the beach.

The boys over all did great- BUT the one day that Tyler had meetings with his buyers, I decided to stay at the hotel with the boys and let them rest.  It was that afternoon that both boys had a stomach bug that would have been disastrous had we been with Tyler.  It was short lived- by the night they were back to bouncing off the walls (and furniture!)

Gray and his puppy- look at that sweet smile and tan :)

This was one of our fave restaurants.  Right below our hotel.

Getting some extra sun before the boys woke up from their nap!

We got moved to a different room toward the end of our trip- it was two bedroom, kitchen, three bathroom,HUGE deck. Best night we all slept!

It was such a wonderful Trip. So truly blessed that we go to go do this with Tyler! Can not WAIT to go back again!

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  1. So fun! Glad you all got to tag along! What fun memories. :)