Friday, May 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

we went and saw the lights with the swansons...

We were in the Christmas parade for Lucas for st Rep.
It was hilarious seeing Roman wave and tell everyone "Merry Christmas everybody!"

we went up to NE for christmas.  The kids got to ride a tractor- always a highlight-
Ike, Shel and I went on a great run! except it was freezing and the hardest run i've ever done because of the wind. Couldn't even hear our music the wind was howling so loud!
I got Ike and jay to do T25 with me.  So fun!

Exploring the shop and all the tractors :)

Mike, Jay, Ike and Me went to a Hot Yoga class- Bikram yoga.  It was so fun and so hard! we were dripping by the end of the class!

Then the boys went to wrestle at UNL.

Rome and Gray got a little tykes firetruck coup.  highlight expect for putting it together!

Me, Jay, Ike, and Shelby. Love our sibling pics.

The whole fan

The Grandkids.
On the way home, we stopped at walmart and found a sink his size.
Because our families usually have Christmas on christmas day.  Our tradition is to do our celebration on New Years. This year, Tyler took off a few hours for each celebration.  Work needed a lot of attention so he was glued to his computer through each family celebration.

for our little family christmas rome wanted a buzz and woody that worked.  he was thrilled when he got buzz and gray got woody!

Rome Loved his football guys.  He's been playing them every football game we watch on TV.

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