Thursday, November 21, 2013

Grayson 10 and 11

My sweet little Grayson is almost a year old. I am so grateful that he was born in this busy time of year.  Recalling what those first days/weeks were like leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

He is a true joy. leaves me smiling with his antics.  He knows how to turn his head and make anyone smile. He loves chasing after his brother.  Seeing the two of them become best friends make me tear up.  

Grayson started walking right at 10months.  When he took his first steps, he was so proud of himself.  He ENJOYED walking like rome.  He follows Rome and Sloane to whatever room they are in to play. He started sleeping by himself around 10 months also.  He just wasn't falling asleep well for me- So we layer him into his bed and he fell right to sleep.  AMAZING! Right before he turned 11 months.  The milk factory closed :) Went to formula and it has been fabulous with our schedule- it was hard to quit, especially because I wanted to go over a year with Gray, but when i nursed or pumped I had such severe cracks they wouldn't heal- (sorry for the TMI!)

Gray will eat anything- and he eats a lot! i'm always impressed with how much he'll eat.  

I just love this kid!

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