Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not so lazy days of August

pics of random things...

sloaney makes me laugh! put stickers all over her face while we weren't looking...

getting ready for sunday morning music

we had a few trips to the ENT for ear checks... romes wasn't hearing well and was having some bad ear infections.
painted some mickey's and minie's on our toes- 

A police man came to our house ( we had some tires stolen- boo) Rome loved  seeing in his car.

Brody and Maci had their bday party at their house- rome had a ball running around in the water.

Ty went on a trip and so it was just the boys and I.  We did some fun things- movie, swimming, running:)

Grayson's the little climber! he climbed on romes bed, the shuffleboard table (heart stopper)

we found some chairs in the dumpster and i repainted them for our dining room.  I love how they turned out!

pajama outing :) it was night time and we decided to run and get some ice cream instead. 

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