Thursday, July 25, 2013

Church Youth Camp

Last weekend we went to church camp for the Saturday and Sunday. It was in Ozone Arkansas about 3 hours away.  

It was extremely secluded with no phone or internet service.  I told Roman that meant no netflix and he was shocked that there was no curious George or Daniel Tiger to accompany us :)

We got to camp saturday morning and hung out with the kids during some free time.  Then we did lunch and the afternoon game.  

The boys and I stayed in a room together that had the AC pumping! it was like a little hotel room- So grateful! The day went by fast- The boys had fun just being with all of the great kids from our church.

A highlight was this beautiful lake that the camp had.  There's something about letting boys throw rocks into water. It was the first thing Rome wanted to do.

 Gray's first taste of a blue snow cone.
 Throwing rocks

 Happy baby!
 Good of Rome
 Good of Gray

The rest of the weekend was spent with the other staff kiddos.  We played outside mostly.  More time at the Lake throwing rocks and playing with the camps putt putt course.

We had an extra treat Sunday afternoon.  We drove through Alma to get home and we were able to connect one of friends from college- Adam.  We were able to meet his daughter and to get to know his wife Shiloh a little better.  It was a fun quick visit but we were so glad we were able to get together!

 We got home that night and the boys were tired! Ty was gracious and watched them so I could go get my long run in.

What a busy weekend!

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