Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July

This fourth of July Ty worked and the boys and I had a relaxing day at home.  We played outside in our little pool and all took naps at the same time- glorious! 

Ty came home around 4 and we had a quick photoshoot.  I was able to find our 4th pics from the past few years- it was fun to see how our family has changed!

Ty went to help Lucas hand our waters for his campaign and we went over to the Butlers for our church's 4th party.  As always, Rome was quite the entertainer while watching the fireworks :)

After the party, we went back to our house where our friends Dave and Ariane came over and we did fireworks with Roman till late.

He told us around midnight (how was he still awake!) that he was starving so he sleepily ate some noodles.

 Gray started teething through all this- poor kid was a champ- he was fevering and his nose was running but he did amazing through all the activity.

Dave and Ariane came over the next night and we did some more fireworks.  Romans favorite: the ROMAN candle and yes, He got to do that and bottle rockets by himself.  One of the funniest memories from the night was him being "fireman sam" he had his waterguns full and anytime there was a little fire he sprinted out to the fire and put it out with his guns.  What a fun time :)

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