Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dad's 50!

While we were home, we were able to celebrate dad's 50th bday. 

His actual bday was a few days after we left but this way we got to do a surprise party.  I talked to gma Elge and she took care of the rest.  Ty, Mike, and Jay lured dad out of the house after graduation saturday and took him to York for some work related things Tyler needed to take care of.  The rest of us went to Chances R and waited for them to show up.  

It was so much fun waiting with dad's three brothers and some of their families.  We were ready and waiting when dad rounded the corner, and seeing his face full of shock and then watching as all the pieces came together in his mind was well worth all the hassle of coordinating schedules, menus, locations, etc.

 grandma great Elge got roman and sloane icecream with sugar cubes on fire.

Early the morning we left, papa took both grandkids out to the tractor for a ride.  Roman LOVED it.  Papa let him drive for a bit too!

 Early in the week, we got to go ride the tractor with dad while he planted beans.  Roman wasn't sure about the filling up the planter part but he learned where that button was fast!

Roman had LOTS of tractor time and has talked non stop since we've been back about them!

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