Friday, August 19, 2011

6 years ago... Part 4

Tyler's first bball game was November 4. My family was coming down for my birthday (November 6) Everyone was a bit nervous- I hadn't really filled my parents in on everything going on with Tyler, but when they showed up and I was wearing a shirt with "Dees" on the back- they caught up quickly.
The weekend was fun- we hung at the hotel with my family- Tyler got to know them and they got to know Tyler. Tyler left on Sunday night for a bball trip and we all went up to JBU. Tyler asked my dad to talk to him privately while my mom was taking pics of us all. I was DYING from curiosity about what they talked about. Afterward Tyler told me bye and left for bball. I didn't have a cell phone and we didn't have facebook so he couldn't let me know what they had talked about. And dad wouldn't tell me either. it was a LONG few days. My family went home that Monday- it had been a crazy weekend.

Tyler got back a few days later and still wouldn't fill me in. I finally caught on that they had talked about Tyler and I dating. When Tyler and I kissed for the first time November 9th, I figured we were finally official :)

And the rest is history...



  1. I've loved following your love story these past few days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sweet! I loved reading your love story! :)