Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sloane is born!

Rome and I met dad and Jay 1/2 way the Sunday before Sloane was born. Shel had been on bed rest for 3 weeks before so everyone, especially her, was ready to meet this baby! She went in to be induced on Tuesday. It was SUCH a blessing and privilege to be there while we waited in anticipation! Mike and Shel live about an hour away from my parents house. We went over Tuesday night and stayed at their place while we waited. Early Wednesday morning, Mom and I went back over to the Hospital. Shel's water had broke and her contractions were increasing. She was AMAZING at handling those rough contractions. She finally got her epidural and her dilating flew in just a few minutes to a 10. A few hours after, SLOANE TAYLOR SWANSON was born!

Mike and Shel let us all come in and meet her soon after she was born. I was amazed to see Beautiful hair and BRIGHT eyes! watching her make eye contact with Shel was so heart melting to see. She is just PERFECT!

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