Friday, March 4, 2011

one year with bear...

He's ONE! from now on we don't do the monthly bear pics :( i joked with ty that i'll do the bear pics once a year to college.. can't you see him at 18 taking a pic with the bear? haha!

here's some stats...
-he's been walking for 4 months. ON to running!
-he can climb onto things and get on the couch.
-he has no fear and has been jumping off of boxes, coffee tables and our beds. Sometimes he's great and laughs. other times he cries...
-when it is too high, he'll get off of it by going backwards.
-we can give him trash and he'll throw it away... (we've found toys and other things in the trash now because of this new game... uh oh!)
-he attempts to brush his own hair or my hair with our brushes.
-he dances and sings with music
-he cries when its time to come in from outside
-he's almost to 10 teeth!
-he's in the 95 percentile in heigh (32 in) (he's only 28 inches shorter then me- is that not crazy?!?!)
-he's in the 80 percentile in weight (24-25 lbs) (he's 27% of me! that's just cray too!)
-he gives hugs to toys, kauzie, and kids
-we're on the last pack of size 3 diapers. we'll be moving to size 4!!
-he's wearing 18 month clothes and some 24 month
-When i tell him "no" he knows that its something he can't have. he gets this fake sad face and gives a little cry. then he's over it and moves on :)

Some battles that are coming SOON (advice would be AWESOME!!)

I want to get Rome to sleep on his own. Right now i'm bouncing him to sleep and then he sleeps with us. I want to start getting him to his room.

Weaning. I was going to start on the monday after his bday. but he wouldn't eat anything so all we did was nurse. Today was the first time he ate something. I'm starting the reasearch and hopefully we'll start that soon.

I feel bad for the poor kid. He's losing milky milk and his sleeping situation is changing... is this too much?


  1. The sleeping on his own will probably we hard. The longer you wait, the harder it is, but if you just grit your teeth and bear it, he'll be fine. Just don't give in. He'll probably cry for a long time, but each night it will get shorter.
    I don't know much about weaning, but I would probably just cut out the middle of the day feedings first, then work on morning and nighttime ones next. :)
    Good luck!

  2. Don't wait too long on the sleep!! The sooner you start, the better off it will be - for him and you. he needs to learn to "self-soothe" --a skill he'll use long after he's a toddler. Put him in his crib or bed before he's asleep but when he's very sleepy. It will be hard on all at first, but he'll get the hang of it. From experience, try one first (sleep or weaning), then the other so he's not super cranky.

  3. I would recommend, depending on how much solids you have your little guys on, by mixing your breast milk with his solids, leaving it more milk than solid, to slowly ease him into wanting solids more often. And only breast feed two or three times a day. My girlfriend pumped milk and gave to her daughter percephone in the morning, and eve, and when very fussy.