Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas decorating and quick update :)

Yea for christmas!! I recently realized that Nov through Feb are my absolutely favorite months. It definitely helps that i have back to back trips to see family in NE :) This year is a first for us because this is the first year we've somewhat decorated for Christmas.

I must brag on my husband- he bought me a Christmas tree two weeks before thanksgiving with some of his birthday money. Isn't he awesome??!! We set it up immediately after he bought it. Also, I decided to make our stockings. I was surprised at how easy this was~ they were about 3.00 a piece and I made them EXTRA big :) I also made my wreath this year- i saw the design in a magazine and thought it was super cute!

I need to explain this picture:
The other night, Roman was a mess- i think we were up 17 times trying to get him to sleep. He'd fall asleep immediately into the bouncing, but as soon as we layed down he was awake. We ended up trying to wake him up FULLY and give him a bath. finally he fell asleep. It was a LONG night. The next day after Tyler got home from work he had roses and Inception for me. It was so sweet. He got them because the night before had been rough. Do I have the most amazing husband or what!?!?

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