Wednesday, August 18, 2010

making baby food

The other day at Walmart I was shocked and excited about the price of peaches, nectarines, and plums. They were down to 29 cents a lb! I've known for awhile that i've wanted to make my own baby food to try and save some money and this new price locked in that decision. I talked to my gma who has made her own baby food for years (she runs a day care from her home-awesome woman!!). She gave me some advice and gave me the "how to." So I bought about 4 lb of fruit (for about 2 bucks! WOW! and when a jar of store is about .75-1.00 i'm gettin a steal!
here's my process...

I let the fruit ripen for a few days before I cut it up and blended in in my bosch blender :)

It was SO easy!
Then I used my ziploc containers (freezer safe) that I got with a coupon for about 30 cents for 6.

I ended up with 12 full containers that are now in my freezer!

I'm off to walmart later to see if there are any other fruits on sale for so cheap!

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  1. I LOVED making our own baby food for Lincoln. Squash was his favorite and a whole squash would usually last us quite awhile. I loved how much money it saved us and I just felt like it was "healthier" since sometimes I don't trust what they put in jars but who knows. But now we're on to big people food :) Good luck with the baby food making!