Sunday, August 22, 2010

Benton CO Fair!!

On Saturday night Tyler, Roman, and I went to the Benton Co. Fair. I grew up going to the fair back in NE and it was always a big deal. It's a little different down here :) This was Ty's first time to go to this fair. It was so much fun! The traditions that we had back in NE were going to see the antique tractors, looking at the animals, seeing the exhibits by all the different vendors and people's businesses, and riding the carousel. I was so excited to see that all of our traditions were at this fair as well just in their own way! There weren't as many antique tractors as there was in NE but with a 5 month olds' attention span that worked out just right!! We had a blast! and Roman was content to ride in his stroller a majority of the time!!

walking so the sun wasn't in his eyes.

Driving the antique tractos.
Lookin at the bunnies
the turtles
the cow.

Daddy playing the basketball games...

... and winning a great big ball!!
we got a bottle of diet pepsi to share, and while mommy was taking a drink, Roman hit at it and nailed it with his hand causing the pop to spill all over mommy's shirt! we had a good laugh at it. He just SMILED after he did it. :)

waiting for the carousel

riding the horsey

so sad because we were leaving :(


  1. Love all your pics from the fair! Such a great looking family! What program do you use to make your header for your blog? I'm needing to redo mine and can't find a good way to do it. Just curious. Thanks!

  2. Yee-haw....when Ty fell in love with the Farmer's daughter he got it all!!!
    These are so fun!...keeping up the carousel tradition...reminds me of the pics of Roman's momma on the carousel that warm my heart!! Thanks for the pics!

  3. Where did your BABY go??? he is getting so big and he is ADORABLE!!! :) loved all the pics!