Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 months

How can my baby be 1/2 a year old? How is it that my baby is scooting from baby it toddler right before my eyes? All the time now i'm seeing him learn and grow. He is this super sponge that is taking everything in and learning so fast!

Here's our 6 month stats:
1. he's like a week away from crawling. He just gets frustrating and gives up so quickly! but I can see him getting stronger each time he's in the crawl position.
2. when we walk into the room his arms immediately go up in the air toward us. He wants and LOVES to be held.
3. He sits up on his own. Anytime we lay him down he struggles to sit up.
4. Anytime we are drinking from a cup or can his hands find away to help us hold it and his mouth usually ends up right by ours as we drink- he know there's good stuff in cups :)
5. He's in size 3 diapers!
6. He's wearing 6-12 month clothes
7. he finally loves taking walks in the stroller- he'll cry and cry if he's in the stroller in the house, but as soon as we get outside he's all smiles and has these eyes that are so expressive and just say that he wants to explore everything.
8. he'll laugh at us just from looking at us. He easily laughs when we tickle him but now he's started laughing when we make funny faces.
9. he's sitting in high chairs at restaurants and we're trying grocery carts- he's still a bit tiny :)

sippy cup

watching baby einstein while mommy and daddy get ready for church
sleeping at cousin maggie's bday party

high chair boy :)
we did a little photo shoot...

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