Sunday, May 23, 2010

photo shoot with Jen :)

Way back in 2007, Tyler and I had our first photo shoot with our awesome friend Jennifer Trenchard. She went to JBU with us and had emailed me during my sophomore year of college and asked if Tyler and I would "model" for her portfolio. Me being the picture junkie I am told her YES YES YES!! I love free pics :) we met with her and she took what became our engagement pics- she took over 1000 pics in those two hours. The only thing we had to do in return was to sign a model release saying she could use them on a couple of her stock photography sites (she sells them to companies who use them however they want) SO if you've seen our pic anywhere that's why :)

She's been there for every big event for us :) She took our engagement, wedding, pregnancy, wedding formal pics, and some of just me for her to sell. She also took my sis and her husband's engagement pics. She was down here a couple weeks ago and took some family pics for us. She's AMAZING. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her style and her talent. Yesterday in the mail we got the disc of over 300 pics she took of us... I thought i'd share! they are SO great! here are just a few :)

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