Friday, March 5, 2010

Going home...

On Saturday at 11:00 Tyler and I packed up our belongings and hugged the nurses goodbye.  It was hard thinking about having to be the ones to wake up in the middle of the night when Roman cried.  I kinda liked being woken up by the nurse who had just bathed and changed my baby.  I just had to do the feedings at the hospital.  I was a little worried if I could do the whole "mom" thing without the aid of those sweet nurses. 

 We made it to the car after paying the bill- kinda like checking out of a really expensive hotel... We figured out the car seat- those things are tricky! Roman fussed a little bit, but as soon as the wheels were turning he settled down fast.  How fast time flew! We were just leaving our apartment for the hospital just 47 hours earlier!

My dad, mom, and little brothers had come to the hospital to help us tran
sport balloons and bags back to the apartment.  We all arrived back at the apartment to bring Roman home for the first time.  Mike and Shelby had stayed at our place the night before and when we got home Mike was taking kauzie potty.  

Kauzie, our dog, was EXCITED to see us! This had been the first time that he had spent the night alone. He was bouncing to be picked up.  After we went inside the apartment Roman let out a cry and Kauzie was completely spooked.  He began smelling Roman's car seat trying to figure out what in the world we had brought home.  Amazingly enough, Roman doesn't even stir when Kauzie barks (proof that he heard him lots while in the womb: ) 

Right after we got home Tyler and I unpacked and put our hospital bag items away- I must mention that I didn't even use 3/4 of what I packed.   We put our quiznos orders together and mom, dad, and Jay went to go get our lunch.  Roman slept and relaxed while we cleaned up the apartment.

While mom and dad were at quiznos, they ran into some of the ball players that Tyler played with while at JBU. They figured out that mom was Tyler's mother-in-law and asked if they could come see him.  She gave them directions to our place and they came over after they were done eating.  It was really neat to see such great guys care about Tyler enough to come see his new baby.  I was touched that they came.  For Roman to meet them within the first few hours of his life was special.
We finished the day by relaxing and resting.  Tyler, my dad, Mike, and my brothers all went to the JBU game while my mom, sister, Roman, and I got to catch up about life.

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